1.  From The Grill
Cooked to order Shish-ka-bobs
Shrimp & Sausage kabobs
Beef, Chicken & Pork kabobs
Summer Vegetable kabobs

2.  Dessert Station
Anything your heart desires......
Bananas Foster
Cheesecake with assorted sauces and toppings
Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Cobblers & Struddles

3.  Potato Martini
Parmesan Smashed Potatoes
with Cheese, Bacon Bits, Green Onions & Sour Cream
Served in a Martini Glass

4.  Baked Potato Bar
Baked Potato's with your choice of toppings
    (options:  pulled pork, chicken, turkey, beef, sausage, hotlinks)
    with Cheese, Bacon Bits, Green Onions, Sour Cream, BBQ sauce

5.  New Orleans Style Shrimp & Grits Station
Creamy Cheddar Garlic Grits
Adorned with a Medley of Fresh Gulf Shrimp and Cajun Spices

6.  Italian Station
Grilled Chicken & Roasted Vegetable Bow - Tie Pasta
Accompanied with:  Alfredo Sauce, Pesto, Shaved Parmesan, Sauteed Mushrooms, Sun dried Tomatoes, Chopped Fresh Garlic, Basil

7.  Carving Fare Station
Carved Beef Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Pork Loin, Smoked Turkey, Ham

8.  Southern Comfort Station
New Orleans Style Shrimp & Grits
Fried Green Tomatoes
Pork Tender loin with Biscuits
Black eyed peas with cornbread

9.  Cajun Station
Shrimp & Sausage kabobs
Red Beans and Rice

10. Cheesecake Station
A Beautiful Tiered Display of Homemade Cheesecakes
Served with an Assortment of Toppings & Fresh Berries
(which may include praline sauce, milk chocolate sauce, strawberries, 
 blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

11.  Biscuit Bar
 A selection of Sweet Potato, Cheddar & Buttermilk Biscuits
(with toppings such as sausage gravy, molasses syrup, honey, jellies and  jams)
12. From the Shore Station
Peeled and Boiled Shrimp, Crab Legs or Claws,  
Smoked Salmon, Bacon Wrapped Scallops

13. BBQ Station
Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket, Chicken, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans

14. Smore Station
Graham  Crackers, Milk Chocolate & Marshmallows
(roasted over and open flame)

Have a better Idea!  
create a station of your own
we will accommodate you!